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Brian C. Wilcox, L.L.B., B.A,(Honours)
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Since 1990

We provide our clients with the best legal service through passionate and assertive representation, personal attention and professional diligence.

Our Law Office is a full service law firm with over 25 years of legal experience. We offer our clients assistance with problems experienced in most areas of the law.

When our clients do well, we do well. The Law Office of Brian C. Wilcox strives to make lasting relationships with our clients.

Meet the Lawyers

Real Estate Lawyer
Real Estate Lawyer

Brian C. Wilcox, real estate lawyer, was born and raised in Port Arthur, Ontario (Thunder Bay). He graduated in June 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Lakehead University (Top Standing). In October 1985, Brian C. Wilcox received…

Real Estate Clerk
Real Estate Clerk

Colleen Dittrich, real estate clerk for the Law Offices of Brian C. Wilcox, is a lifelong resident of the Niagara Area.  Lived in St. Catharines, went through to high school and was employed at many culinary establishments throughout the Region….

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  • Having a will not only let you decide how you wanted your estate divided upon your death. Schedule An Appointment Now to have your Wills done!

    Brian C. Wilcox Brian Wilcox Professional Corporation

  • If you have a Will you should review it every 5 years with your lawyer to make sure it is up-to-date and reflects your present wishes. If you do not have a Will, you may be leaving your loved ones with extra expenses and headaches. Call Brian C. Wilcox Now for an Appointment!

    Brian C. Wilcox Brian Wilcox Professional Corporation

  • Whether buying or selling you can be confident that everything will be looked after to your satisfaction. With the added assistance of other service providers such as: surveyors, title insurance providers, mortgage companies, conveyancers, and other professionals, our Law Firm is prepared to fully meet all your realty needs. Call our office today for all your real estate needs!

    Brian C. Wilcox Brian Wilcox Professional Corporation

  • Our specialty is in meeting your complete legal needs. We also provide proven resources for wills, probate and real estate solutions, as well as corporate and business law services. Call Brian C. Wilcox for an appointment today!

    Brian C. Wilcox Brian Wilcox Professional Corporation

  • Our Law Firm can assist you, whether you are suing or defending in the following legal actions: Corporate/Commercial, Contract, Collections, Personal Injury, Slip & Fall, Negligence, Wrongful Dismissal, Estate litigation, etc. Call our office for your no nonsense consultation.

    Brian C. Wilcox Brian Wilcox Professional Corporation

  • Wrongfully accused? Let our office help you.  We protect the rights of people involved in traffic violations and Impaired driving. Through our proven resources, experience and insight, we'll assist you in your defence of traffic, summary and indictable offences. Call Brian C. Wilcox for an Appointment Today!

    Brian C. Wilcox Brian Wilcox Professional Corporation

Law Office OF Brian C. Wilcox Closure Notice

Our Niagara Falls and St. Catharines offices will be closing, permanently, as of August 31, 2018. Brian C. Wilcox will no longer be practicing law in the Niagara Area. All Wills and Estate Documents we be transfered to Miranda Belansky at 905-357-3500. Up to August 29th, 2018 you may call the office for more information; afterwhich, you will only be able to reach us by email office@bcwlawoffice.com. Brian C. Wilcox

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