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The Office Christmas Party

behave-at-office-Christmas-partiesIf you have a business, even if you’ve only got a few employees, you’re probably planning a party for Christmas. That’s a great idea and most people have a lot of fun, but it can also be a dangerous time for work-based injuries. No one wants to think about getting hurt at work, but when they do they normally think about actual on-the-job injuries, not dangers that may be lurking at their office Christmas party. At parties, though, there is generally alcohol involved, and not everyone knows how to handle their alcohol properly or stop before they cause a problem for themselves and others. Some people drink too much at the party, and some people drink before they show up, especially if there isn’t any alcohol offered at the party or if they have to pay for their party drinks. Naturally, companies that have alcohol at their parties have a higher chance of seeing injuries because people are more likely to fall and get injured when they have been drinking than they are when they’re sober.

Alcohol isn’t the only problem at Christmas parties, though. There can be other trips and slips that happen to people who’re completely sober. Dancing can be a danger, as well as just having large groups of people in one small area. The same is true of office parties where people are allowed to bring their families because there can be a lot of little children around who can easily fall and get hurt. They are easy to trip over, as well, and they can be a real danger without even meaning to cause any problems. It’s unfortunate that there are so many risks that an employer takes when he or she plans an Christmas party for employees, but planning carefully and being well prepared can help keep injuries away. Some employers are doing away with these kinds of parties altogether because the risk of injury to employees is really just much higher than it needs to be. These people might miss out on having a holiday party with their friends from work but at least they will be more likely to make it safely into the New Year.

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