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Changes To the Way Lawyers Advertise Fees

The Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) has changed the Rules concerning the way Lawyers advertise Fees for Residential Real Estate Transactions. In order to advertise fees for Residential Real Estate transactions, Lawyers are now required to advertise Fees inclusive…

Last chance for not-for-profits to transition

Notice – July 31, 2017: Last chance for not-for-profits to transition All corporations created under the Canada Corporations Act, Part II need to have completed their transition to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and received their certificate of continuance by…

Do’s & Don’ts on Closing Day

There are some things that just drive lawyers and staff mad.  Here is a list of common things people do or don’t on the day of closing: IF YOU ARE THE SELLER 1.  NEVER, EVER, NEVER, give the Purchaser the…

What Actually Happens on Closing Day

WHAT HAPPENS ON THE DAY OF CLOSING On the day of closing, the Purchaser’s lawyer will receive money from mortgage company (if Applicable). When you get the mortgage money will depend on the financial institution lending the money. If all…

Review Wills & Power of Attorneys

Review Wills & Power of Attorneys

Wills & Power of Attorney(s) Has it been a while since you did your Wills and Power of Attorney(s)? When you did so, you took an enormous step towards administering your estate and minimizing any problems that might occur upon…

Get Your Will Done Soon!

Get Your Will Done Soon!

More than 60% of all Canadians do not have a Will. Fewer have power of attorneys. There are two basic reasons why people ignore Estate Planning.What Stops People From Making a Will?​The First is:  Some People believe they are too…

Changes In Direction

Changes In Direction

Real Changes At the Law Office of Brian C. Wilcox, we have made a real, real, big changes in the way we practice law in the areas of litigation, family law and criminal law. Our office will no longer be…

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