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Picking Your Home Inspector

Some pointers on selecting your next home inspector will go a long way toward making the process a happy one.

1) Be sure to ask how long the inspector has been in the inspection business. Longevity gives comfort that the company will be with you in the future as new needs and issues arise.

2) How many inspections has the inspector personally performed? This is important! An inspector may have been in business for 5 years but inspected less than a dozen homes. Your home buying decision is far too important to be a practice place for a part-time inspector.

3) Confirm that your inspector has experience in homes similar to the home you are having inspected. All homes have some systems and features in common, but new home in St. Catharines has risks and issues that differ from an historic beauty in Port Colborne. Only someone who has walked the walk and crawled the crawl numerous times in similar homes can sleuth out those important items.

4) Did the Society of Home Inspectors certify the inspector? In many provinces, the business of home inspection is unregulated. This makes it especially important to verify professional credentials and experiences before making a selection.

5) Ask when the report will be delivered. Often the buying decision is time critical, you want to be sure you will receive your completed report in time to read, review, and respond. The best companies can deliver the report to you right at the home as the inspection is completed.

6) Does the completed report include photographs? Often the report will contain descriptions of damage or defect in locations of the home that only the inspector was able to access, like rooftops or crawl spaces. You will want pictures of these areas to make your understanding of the scope and location of the damage clear. It also makes repairs simpler to get estimated when a photograph is available.

7) Lastly, be sure to attend the home inspection, watch the process, and ask lots of questions – the history of your home will unfold before your very eyes! A good home inspector can help you to know the past and enjoy the future in your new home!


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