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Are Living Wills Right for You?

Some people have such strong views about what should happen to them in the event of a terrible accident or illness that leaves them unable to communicate their final wishes, that they should be thinking about creating a living will or durable power of attorney (or medical powers of attorney).

Legal documents such as living wills are not something that many of us want to contemplate. It is after all, a result of something terrible happening to you. If you have strong views over what happens to you under these circumstances, then you really should be considering creating a living will to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event that you are unable to communicate them.

A living will is an instruction for termination of your life. You would specify the circumstances under which it would apply, so if, for example, you believe that once your heart stops beating, or once your brain stops working, you do not want life support, you have the right to request that in your living will. You can also ask that no nourishment be given to you, and other similar extreme measures. You should understand that the laws can be a bit tricky, and the decision might be taken out of your hands if you are hospitalised.

It is essential that you discuss your end of life wishes with your family, as well as your doctor. Your family might find it very hard to carry out your wishes if they are just presented with them, soon after the shock of whatever condition you find yourself in. The double shock might just be too much for them.

It is a simple matter to create a living will these days. You can always employ the services of a legal professional of course, and that course of action is always open to you. The Internet has made such matters much easier though, and you should be able to download the forms, and fill them out yourself. It would be prudent to still run the completed documents by a legal professional though, because you might live in an are with particular legal requirements with respect to living wills, and with the best will in the world, online documentation will always be rather generic in nature and will not fill all circumstances.

It is also possible that living wills might not be acknowledged where you live. It might be prudent to do some preparatory work with a legal professional where you live just to be sure that you have not made any administrative errors.
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