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Purchase Costs Calculator


Acting on client(s) behalf as purchaser, including perusal of Offer to Purchase, receiving instructions, correspondence with vendor’s solicitors, attendances at the Registry Office and searching the title, obtaining; Tax Certificate, Sheriff’s Certificate, verifying Statement of Adjustments, attending at the Registry Office and closing the transaction, and reporting to client and including other incidental consultations, correspondence and telephone calls.

Acting on client(s) behalf in connection with first mortgage including receiving instructions, attendance at the Registry Office and searching the title, obtaining Tax Certificate, Sheriff’s Certificate, and Surveyor’s Certificate; Preparing of mortgage and attending on the execution and registration thereof, receiving and disbursing funds, certifying title to the mortgage company, to arranging for insurance coverage in the name of the mortgagee and reporting to them and to all other incidental telephone calls and correspondence.

This calculator will assist you in figuring out the costs of purchasing your home.  The left column is with Title Insurance – – the right column is without Title Insurance.  The purchase cost calculator is for guidance only and is only an estimate.  You will receive a funds summary with all the fees and disbursements prior to the closing date.

  • If you are having problems please refresh your page in the browser.
  • If you are having problems please refresh your page in the browser.


*** This fee is for a no-muss no-fuss type of real estate transaction. If there are extraordinary problems which arise in the transaction, additional fees may be charged in an amount at the regular hourly fee of $250.00. Please consult our office for details.***

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