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For The Self Represented

I get it!  Legal fees and costs can be very expensive.  Balancing the budget on one income and paying your legal bills is usually a daunting task at best.  Unless you are extremely well off or qualify for legal aid, most of us are in the thin band of income called the “struggling middle class” and we are responsible for our own legal bills.   I would never recommend you go to Court on your own and represent yourself; as, I would never recommend going into the operating room in the hospital and perform surgery on yourself.   More and more people are choosing to represent themselves in Court.  Unfortunately, very few realize what they are in for or know what they are doing.  Thank God for OHIP!

We Can Help with Unbundled Legal Services

If you should choose to represent yourself, our office is proud to announce we can provide assistance in the preparation of Court forms from the Application/Answer/Financial Statements/Form 35.1 /Affidavits through the Case/Settlement Conference briefs, the 14C’s right up to the commencement of trial. We can provide coaching and counseling throughout the process and even assist you with the issues of law with your particular matter and drawing up an Offer to Settle. You chose how much help you want and how much you need to spend. And at any time, you can choose to get a lawyer to represent you any step of the way.

Podcasts, Webinars, Instructional Videos, Radio Shows

As an added benefit to my clients and other unrepresented people, starting January 2016, I will have instructional videos on “How to Fill Out the Family Court Forms”, starting with “How to Fill Out an Application”. Each week I will try to have additional instructional videos available on both my websites and YouTube for other forms.

In addition to the Instructional Videos, once a month, I will host a Podcast on different areas of Family law and what you can expect in Court on each attendance. In February I will be launching monthly webinars for my clients and anyone who may wish to sign up. There is also some talk about an internet radio show, as well. This would give people the opportunity to interact, ask questions and share stories. We may even have some quests on from time to time. Something to look forward to.

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Our Office Services

We will try and assist clients resolve their matters prior to attending Court through negotiating agreements, mediation services and/or counseling. If the matter should after all efforts end up in court, our office can refer you to a lawyer who will handle the litigation for you and we can assist that counsel as much as necessary.

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