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Legal Plans


Legal Aid Certificates

Our office does not arrange legal aid directly with the client. To obtain a legal aid certificate you must contact the Legal Aid Ontario office in the municipality in which you reside. If you qualify for assistance, the Legal Aid Office will issue a certificate and that certificate must be forwarded to the lawyer of your choice. For more information contact Legal Aid Ontario.

Our office accepts Legal Aid Certificates issued by Legal Aid Ontario on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right not to accept a Legal Aid Certificate. The rate at which Legal Aid Ontario remunerates our firm for services and disbursements is set out in the appropriate legislation and regulations which govern the Legal Aid Plan.

Other Legal Assistance Plans

Our office accepts a number of private Legal Plans, which we are not allowed to publicize the names of which pursuant to our agreement with these plans. Many times our clients are referred to our firm directly through the individual Plan’s directors and administrators.

Lawyers who participate in these plans do so at a service rate set by the individual Plan, usually at a reduced rate from the normal hourly rate charged other clients. The client is responsible for all disbursements and for any additional fees for any services performed after the Plan’s coverage is exhausted.

As well, many plans allow you to choose which lawyer you want even if they are not participating lawyers in the Plan. The lawyer would submit an account to the client, the client would pay the lawyer and then submit the account to the applicable Legal Services Plan for reimbursement. Since the lawyer is not bound by the Plan’s rate which can be charged, the account tends to be higher than allowed under the Plan and clients are not usually reimbursed the full amount of the account

Please check with your employer or insurance company to determine if you have a Legal Services Plan available, what services it will cover – what will and will not be paid for by the Plan and what costs you will be responsible for. Please contact our office to find out if we participate in your Legal Services Plan.

Law Office OF Brian C. Wilcox Closure Notice

Our Niagara Falls and St. Catharines offices will be closing, permanently, as of August 31, 2018. Brian C. Wilcox will no longer be practicing law in the Niagara Area. All Wills and Estate Documents we be transfered to Miranda Belansky at 905-357-3500. Up to August 29th, 2018 you may call the office for more information; afterwhich, you will only be able to reach us by email office@bcwlawoffice.com. Brian C. Wilcox

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